Will my referral sources follow me when I change my brand?

Yes. If your current referral sources are calling your phone directly when they have a deal or questions and not your current company 800 number of your company, they will follow you. Your firmly entrenched relationships will always be loyal, especially if you are excelling your situation to gain access to more lenders and products; that would mean your referral sources will also benefit.

What tools will Mortgage Centre Provide me?

Mortgage Origination, CRM, automated social media content, Discovery (Lender Decision tools) and much more. You will have access to a host of tools and resources that will set you up for success and enable you to become a more efficient mortgage agent/broker. Also, all tools come with recorded as well as personal one-on-one training support.


What Mentorship will I receive?

You will receive two levels of mentorship, training, and support. The first will be provided from the franchise and brokerage that you work for. The second will be training on tools and resources from the Mortgage Centre head office staff.

Will I have access to all lenders and knowledge of their products?

Yes. Mortgage Center Canada provides all members of our network access to an intranet portal and a resource tool that amalgamates all lender guidelines and product details, allowing you to access info easily.


What is the standard compensation per loan?

The average Mortgage Agent earns 107 bps per loan in gross revenue. The cost of support from the brokerage you work for varies from company to company.

What makes Mortgage Centre Canada unique from its competitors?

Mortgage Centre Canada is the longest-standing National mortgage broker network in Canada. We are dedicated to your success, and provide training, tools, and resources at the head office level, as well as dedicated one on one training sessions to help you succeed.


What are the costs involved with working with Mortgage Centre?

We charge an all-inclusive monthly agent fee that is competitive in the brokerage market. Our agent fee encompasses tools, resources, and services. The total value of the fees far exceeds the true cost if you were to source these tools independently.

Can I brand my business whatever I want? And will you assist me?

We provide some marketing support in relation to creating a personalized brand for franchises and agents. Your business is managed autonomously and you can run it business how you want to.


Is there an opportunity to earn more through expanded revenue streams?

We provide ancillary revenue streams:

  • Mortgage Protection Plan – Mortgage Creditor Insurance Program
  • InsureLine – Home Insurance Referral Revenue for Home insurance placed on your mortgages
  • Easylease – Referral revenue can be earned to our Leasing Program.

Do you have Learning Events and Recognition Programs?

Be recognized for your hard work. We take pride in acknowledging the achievements of our network. We host Regional Awards, National Conferences and multiple networking events through the year.