A letter from our president

I am honoured to be at the helm of the longest standing mortgage network in Canada. Mortgage Centre Canada (MCC) is a company that has stood the test of time and has a collection of industry veterans and new blood that are eager to bring their business to the next level.

Since inception in 1989, we’ve continued to evolve and are a company of professional and likeminded people who have an incredible passion for the mortgage space.

Your success begins with Mortgage Centre Canada. I encourage you to open the door and talk to us about how we can help you on your continued journey of success.

Rich Spence - President

Ryan Sadler

Vice President, National Sales

Ryan began his career in the Mortgage Brokerage industry over 25 years ago, spending his early years at Beneficial Financial and MCAP as an Account Manager. In 2003, Ryan decided to join Scotiabank (Scotia Express Service) as a Business Development Manager. Quickly developing a solid working relationship with many of the top brokers and agents across the GTA, Ryan received the Top Sales award for volume production and growth between 2003-2009.

An opportunity presented itself in 2010 to join The Mortgage Centre as Regional Vice President-Sales, managing and overseeing all of the franchises in Eastern Canada. Leveraging existing partnerships with brokers and lenders, Ryan provides consistent support and training for all members of the network, along with franchise recruitment. As a result, The Mortgage Centre continues to experience unprecedented growth across Canada. The Mortgage Centre is largely recognized as a pioneer in the Mortgage Broker industry and Ryan attributes that longevity to the quality, integrity and professionalism of the network. He currently holds the role as Vice President-National Sales.

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Taj Peters

Manager of Talent Acquisition

Tajmar Peters is a driven young professional in the Mortgage Industry, currently working as the Manager of Talent Acquisition. With a focus on growth and improvement, Tajmar is dedicated and motivated to help the network continue to expand its presence in the broker space.

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